ARINT - Office of International Relations


The internationalization of UESC follows a global trend, now in a Brazilian way to internationalize its high education more broadly. “Think globally, act locally” is, lately, the most heard motto ever. Aware of the implications behind this concept, the Assessoria de Relações Internacionais – ARINT (International Relations Office) aims to be the institutional agent to conduct this strategy.

ARINT is an administrative body, linked to the Rector Office of UESC, responsible for the internationalization of our institution. Its main task is to implement institutional policies regarding to the preparation, signing and maintenance of cooperative agreements that facilitate academic mobility of teachers, researchers and students. Offering these opportunities, UESC invests in the qualification of its academic heritage: our faculty,by international standards of excellence, and our undergraduates,  preparing  them for the labor market.


  1. Act as an intermediary in international negotiations involving the academic community of UESC;
  2. Identify institutions that have common interests and goals with UESC, regarding to education, research and extension in order to make possible the establishment of agreements;
  3. Identify and promote opportunities for exchange, funding agencies for research, granting scholarships and financial aid for traveling.
  4. Disseminate the opportunities abroad in regard to scholarships, courses, internships, conferences, seminars, international cooperation programs.
  5. Provide information to students, researchers and foreign residents interested in conducting a study period at UESC.
  6. Track applications for the formalization of academic exchange programs from the agreements signed between the UESC and other universities abroad.
  7. Guide students in relation to visas, accommodation, costs, among others, besides assisting the reception of students and foreign visitors.
  8. Support the international events at UESC and participating in activities outside the country.



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