Physics graduate program at UESC


Welcome to the web page of the Physics Graduate program at UESC!
We hope you can find here useful informations.

The physics graduate program (Master of Science level only) was created in 2009 to offer to the undergraduate alumni the possibility to follow an academic career locally. We have, however, an increasing number of students from abroad, mostly from South and Central America. We invite you to know more about us.

Our web page has several documents/links that are available only in portuguese (like University rules, forms, etc). Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. We can help you with document translations, as well as with some formal details that can/may be very specific to our country.

Following the above links you will find informations about our teams, our current and previous students, local facilities and opportunities.

A few words about the region we are placed in:
Our University is located between two important cities from Bahia, Ilhéus and Itabuna.  These two cities, together with nearby small cities constitute the so-called Cocoa Micro-Region at the Bahia state, which has approximatelly 1.000.000 inhabitants. Most of our students come from this region. The campus itself is located in the city of Ilhéus, but at approximately 20 km from dowtown. If you reach Ilhéus by bus or by ariplain, it is necessary to take a public transportation to get to the campus.


Campus Soane Nazaré de Andrade, Rodovia Jorge Amado, km 16, Bairro Salobrinho
CEP 45662-900. Ilhéus-Bahia
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