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2010 (26 publicações)

Lopes MA, Hora Junior BT, Dias CV, Santos GC, Gramacho KP, Cascardo JCM,Gesteira AS, Micheli F. Expression analysis of transcription factors from the interaction between cacao and Moniliophthora perniciosa (Tricholomataceae). Genetics and Molecular Research, v. 9, p. 1279-1297, 2010

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Pirovani CP, Silva AS, Santos LS, Micheli F; Margis R; Silva GA; Alvim FC, Pereira, GAG; Cascardo JCM. Theobroma cacao cystatins impair Moniliophthora perniciosa mycelial growth and are involved in postponing cell death symptoms. Planta Heidelberg, v. 232, p. 1485-1497, 2010

Lima LS, Gramacho KP, Pires JL, Clement D, Lopes UV, Carels N, Gesteira AS, Gaiotto FA, Cascardo JCM, Micheli F. Development, characterization, validation, and mapping of SSRs derived from Theobroma cacao L. Moniliophthora perniciosa interaction ESTs. Tree Genetics & Genomes (Print), v. 6, p. 663-676, 2010

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Lopes MA, Hora Junior BT, Dias CV, Santos GC, Gramacho KP, Cascardo JCM, Gesteira AS, Micheli F. Expression analysis of transcription factors from cacao-Moniliophthora perniciosa interaction. Genetics and Molecular Research , v. 9, p. 1279-1297, 2010

Pirovani CP, Santiago AS, Santos LS, Micheli F, Margis R, Gesteira AS, Alvim FC, Cascardo JCM. Cacao cystatins impair Moniliophthora perniciosa mycelial growth and are involved on postponing cell death symptoms. Planta (Heidelberg, v. 232, p. 1485-1497, 2010

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Soares VLF, Rodrigues SM, Oliveira TM, Queiroz TO, Lima LS, Hora-Júnior BT, Gramacho KP, Micheli F, Cascardo JCM, Otoni WC, Gesteira AS, Costa MGC. Unraveling new genes associated with seed development and metabolism in Bixa orellana L. by expressed sequence tag (EST) analysis. Molecular Biology Reports, p. 1, 2010

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Barth A, Fernandes A, Pompolo SG, Costa MA. Ocurrence of B-chromosomes in Tetragonisca latreille, 1811 (Hymenoptera, Meliponini): a new contribution to the cytotaxonomy of the genus.. Genetics and Molecular Biology (Impresso) , v. 33, p. 77-79, 2010

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Conceicao LDHCS, Belo GO, Souza MM, Santos SF, Cerqueira-Silva CBM, Corrêa RX. Confirmation of cross-fertilization using molecular markers in ornamental passion flower hybrids. Genetics and Molecular Research, 2010. (aceito)

Cerqueira-Silva CBM, Conceição, LDCS, Cardoso-Silva CB, Pereira AS, Santos ESL, Oliveira AC, Corrêa RX. Genetic diversity of yellow passion fruit (Passiflora edulis Sims) based on RAPD markers. Crop Breeding and Applied Biotechnology (Impresso), v. 10, p. 154-159, 2010

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Cerqueira-Silva CBM, Conceição LDCS, Santos ESL, Cardoso-Silva CB, Pereira AS, Oliveira AC, Corrêa, RX. Genetic variability in wild genotypes of Passiflora cincinnata based on RAPD markers. Genetics and Molecular Research, v. 9, p. 2421-2428, 2010

Gomes KA, Almeida TC, Gesteira AS, Lobo IP, Guimarães ACR, Miranda AB, Sluys MV, Cruz RS, Cascardo JCM, Carels N. Investigating an EST library from seeds to assist the breeding of Jatropha curcas L. Genomics Insights, 2010. (aceito)

2009 (18 publicações)

Abreu PP, Souza MM, Santos EA, Pires MV, Pires MM, Almeida AAF. Passion flower hybrids and their use in the ornamental plant market: perspectives for sustainable development with emphasis on Brazil. Euphytica, 166: 307-315, 2009

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Lima LS, Gramacho KP, Carels N, Novais R, Gaiotto FA, Lopes UV, Gesteira A, Zaidan HA, Cascardo JCM, Pires JL, Micheli F. Single nucleotide polymorphisms from Theobroma cacao expressed sequence tags associated with witches’ broom disease in cacao. Genetics and Molecular Research, 8: 799-808, 2009

Lima MAO, Mielke MS, Lavinsky AO, Franca S, Almeida A-AF, Gomes FP. Crescimento e plasticidade fenotípica de três espécies arbóreas tropicais em ambientes contrastantes de luz como indicativos para o enriquecimento de florestas antrópicas. Acta Botanica Brasilica, aceito, 2009

Maciel BM, Santos ACF, Dias JCT, Vidal RO, R.J.C. Dias, E. Gross, J.C.M. Cascardo and R.P. Rezende. Simple DNA extraction protocol for a 16S rDNA study of bacterial diversity in tropical landfarm soil used for bioremediation of oil waste. Genetics and Molecular Research 8 (1): 375-388, 2009

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Pires ABL, Gramacho KP, Silva DC, Goes-Neto A, Silva MM, Muniz-Sobrinho JS, Porto RF, Dias CV, Brendel M, Cascardo JCM, Pereira GGA. Early development of Moniliophthora perniciosa basidiomata and developmentally regulated genes. BMC Microbiology, 9: 158, 2009

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2008 (17 publicações)

Amorim JH, Macena TNS, Lacerda-Junior GV, Rezende RP, Dias JCT, Brendel M, Cascardo JCM. An improved extraction protocol for metagenomic DNA from a soil of the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest. Genetics and Molecular Research, 7: 1226-1232, 2008

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Gramacho KP,
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Juchum FS, Costa MA, Amorim AM, Corrêa RX. Phylogenetic relationships among morphotypes of Caesalpinia echinata Lam. (Caesalpinioideae: Leguminosae) evidenced by trn L intron sequences. Naturwissenschaften, 95: 1085-1091, 2008

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Lima LS, Gramacho KP, Gesteira AS, Lopes UV, Gaiotto, FA, Zaidan H, Pires JL, Cascardo JCM, Micheli F. Characterization of microsatellites from cacao-Moniliophthora perniciosa interaction expressed sequence tags. Molecular Breeding, 22:315-318, 2008

Lopes MA, Gomes DS, Koblitz MGB, Pirovani CP, Cascardo JCM, Góes Neto A, Micheli F. Use of response surface methodology to examine chitinase regulation in the basidiomycete Moniliophthora perniciosa. Mycological Research, 112: 399-406, 2008

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Santos Júnior AJ, Almeida A-AF, Silva DC, Faria JC, Mielke MS, Gomes FP. Enraizamento de estacas, crescimento e respostas anatômicas de mudas clonais de cacaueiro ao ácido indol-3-butírico. Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura, 30: 1071-1082, 2008

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2007 (12 publicações)

Cabrera OG, Macêdo JNA, Tibúrcio R, Zaparali G, Rincones J, Bittencourt LMC, Ceita G , Gesteira AS, Micheli F, Mariano AM, Schiavinato MA, Medrano FJ, Meinhardt LW, Pereira GAG, Cascardo JCM. Characterization of necrosis and ethylene-inducing proteins (NEP) in the basidiomycete Moniliophthora perniciosa, the causal agent of witches broom in Theobroma cacao. Mycological Research, 111: 443-455, 2007

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Gesteira AS, Micheli F, Carels N, Silva AC, Gramacho KP, Schuster I, Macêdo JNA, Pereira GAG, Cascardo JCM. Comparative analysis of expressed genes from cacao meristems infected by Moniliophthora perniciosa. Annals of Botany, 100: 129-140, 2007

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2006 (06 publicações)

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2005 (4 publicações)

Araújo CFL, Gramacho KP, Bezerra JL. Reestudo de Anthomyces brasiliensis em Caesalpinia echinata no Brasil. Fitopatologia Brasileira, 30: 510-515, 2005

Dantas Neto A, Corrêa RX, Monteiro WR, Luz EDMN, Gramacho KP, Lopes UV. Caracterização de uma população de cacaueiro para mapeamento de genes de resistencia à vassoura-de-bruxa e podridão-parda. Fitopatologia Brasileira, 30: 380-386, 2005

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2004 (1 publicação)

Faleiro FG, Luz EDMN, Cerqueira AO, Rocha CSS, Dantas Neto A, Flores AB, Bahia RCS, Faleiro ASG. Diversidade genética de Phytophthora capsici, P. palmivora e P. citrophthora isolados do cacaueiro com base em marcadores RAPD. Fitopatologia Brasileira, 29: 303-306, 2004

2003 (2 publicações)
Faleiro FG, Luz EDMN, Cerqueira AO, Rocha CSS. Uso de marcadores RAPD na classificação de isolados de Phytophthora spp causadores da podridão-parda do cacaueiro no Brasil. Fitopatologia Brasileira, 28: 312-315, 2003

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