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From Ilhéus to UESC, the following lines are available:

  • Ilhéus - Salobrinho (Cidade de Ilhéus or Viametro bus)
  • Ilhéus - Itabuna (Rota bus)
  • Olivença - Itabuna (Rota bus)

Bus stops:

  • Opaba Praia Hotel
  • Pontal Ilhéus (in front of Boca Du Mar)
  • Ilhéus Bus Terminus; **
  • Ilhéus Town Library (Ilhéus downtown)
  • Canavieiras Avenue, close to CEEP School
  • Itabuna Avenue (in front of UNOPAR and in front of the Polo de Pós-graduação da Faculdade Madre Thaís)
  • Itabuna Avenue (close to UltraFarma drugstore)
  • Ilhéus Bus Station - Banco da Vitória - UESC

From Itabuna:

From Itabuna to UESC, the following lines are available:
Itabuna – Salobrinho (Rota bus)
Itabuna – Ilheus (Rota bus)
Itabuna – Olivença (Rota bus)

Bus stops:
  • Itabuna Bus Station
  • Rota's counter at the end of Avenida Oswaldo Cruz
  • José Bastos Square (Casa e Cor Stores, next to the Supermercado Meira at Juracy Magalhães Avenue)
  • Rota's counter located between the end of Juracy Magalhães Avenue and the beginning of Jorge Amado Highway
  • Atacadão supermarket

* Times and locations of the regional public transport stop are not the responsibility of UESC and may change without notice.

The International Relations Office (Arint) is located within the Soane Nazaré de Andrade campus (the only UESC campus –, in the Administrative Tower. To find the Administrative Tower, when you arrive at the entrance to UESC, looking ahead you will see a cylinder-shaped building, following the central way and it will be easy to reach it. Take the elevator to the 6th floor and enter the Rectorship of the University.

  • Opaba Hotel
    Avenida Nossa Senhora Aparecida, 1 - São Francisco
    Tel. (73) 3234-8810
  • Casablanca Hotel
    Rua Miguel Calmon, 86 – Centro
    Tel. (73) 3212 4556
  • Distak Hotel
    Rua Eduardo Fontes 46 - Duque de Caxias
    Tel. (73) 3212 3848
  • Hotel Pousada Executiva
    Rua Professor Alício de Queiroz, 444
    Tel. (73) 3613-6549
  • Itabuna Palace Hotel
    Avenida Cinquentenário, 1061 - Centro
    Tel. (73) 3613-1233
  • Royal Hotel
    Rua Quintino Bocaiúva 1017 - Centro
    Tel. (73) 3211 1233
  • Lord Palace Hotel
    Rua Quintino Bocaíuva, 1017 – Centro
    Tel. (73) 211-1233
  • Novo Hotel Odete
    Avenida Cinquentenário, 181 - Centro
    Tel. (73) 3211-2474 e (73) 3211-5474


The official currency of Brazil is the Real. The exchange rate for tourism can be done on the BACEN website. The only bank branch that operates foreign currency in Ilhéus is a Banco do Brasil branch. See here.


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