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  • Procedures and documents


  • Student Visa: The applicant must provide the Type IV Student Visa (ITEM IV) at the Brazilian consulate in her/his homeland. Check the necessary documents on the specific link of each consulate.
  • International insurance: International insurance must cover medical, laboratory and hospital expenses throughout Brazil and also include funeral repatriation. Medical insurance must be purchased at your homeland.
  • Cadastro de Pessoa Física (CPF): Mandatory Brazilian tax document. In order to request yours, click on the link.
  • Registro Nacional Migratório (RNM): This document is issued by the Brazilian Federal Police (PF). The student must schedule an attendance 15 days before the trip to Brazil. The application can be made at the Sistema de Registro Nacional Migratório SISMIGRA. If the appointment on the website is not available for the Ilhéus PF's office, send an email to and request your appointment. Remember to take the necessary documents1. To check the listing, click here.


  • Registro Nacional Migratório (RNM):  Upon arrival in Brazil, it is necessary to attend on the day and time scheduled at the PF (see location at Google Maps). Attendance at the Ilhéus PF's office must occur within 30 days after the student's arrival. Always check the PF website to verify if there have been any changes to the required documentation.
  • Opening an account at Banco do Brasil (BB): To open a bank account, the following documents are required:
    1) Identification document (document provided by the PF, front and back) and CPF;
    2) Proof of residence (a statement provided by the apartment owner or a professor from the graduate program). Ideally, the declarant should have an account at the BB. If so, she/he will have to sign as she/he signs at the bank and not initials. If not, it will be necessary to notarize. A current water or electricity bill must be added to the statement; and
    3) Proof of income (a statement from the graduate program, recognizing the student's right to the scholarship and its amount).


  • Revalidation/Recognition of your undergraduate/master's degree diploma: Based on RESOLUÇÃO CONSU Nº 01/2018, article 25, it is not necessary to request the revalidation of diplomas and recognition of previous titles to receive your diploma from the current course at UESC. However, previous diplomas need only be handled in accordance with the Apostille Convention (Hague Convention) or by competent Brazilian consular authority, in the case of a non-signatory country.

  • Documents in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French do not require translation. Certified translation (sworn translation) is only required for other languages or in exceptional cases.

1ATTENTION: The birth certificate or similar document must hold an apostille that authenticates it and must be translated by a sworn public translator in Brazil.

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